Mostly known for his creative Christian stand up comedy, life-changing stage playwriting and unlimited improve acting chops, Vince has taken off all performing arts hats in obedience to God to focus entirely on his music. 


Born and raised in a faith-filled home, singing and writing for the glory of God has become second nature to Vince and his siblings. At a very young age, Vince and his four brothers formed the harmonic gospel group titled "Connection." Gospel groups such as "Commissioned," "The Winans," "Men of Standard" (just to name of few) were his most significant musical inspiration.


The title track to his forthcoming album, "Miracle" is a personal journey, experience and prophetic declaration for Vince. Since being paralyzed from mid-chest down in his near-fatal car accident late 2011, Vince has been purposeful in sharing his life-changing testimony through his motivational speaking and writing. Vince's music creates a smooth melodic atmosphere that tells a story of God's faithfulness and goodness. It is Vince's goal to create music that cuts across generational barriers and blends genre tunes that have a fresh, bright, and distinct approach to worship that everyone can enjoy.  


"This is more than a's a movement."